Nikon coolpix 5600 инструкция

nikon coolpix 5600 инструкция
The Nikon Coolpix 4600 has a narrow ISO range of 50 to 200, so you’re more likely to have blurred or poorly illuminated photos in dim light. To meet the low price point, Nikon had to limit the camera’s hardwired capabilities. Beach/Snow: Boosts the exposure to compensate for subjects that are very bright overall. High chromatic aberration, particularly at telephoto, some blurring in the corners. Though the camera actually fit my hand surprisingly well given its tiny dimensions, I highly recommend making use of the included wrist strap. A series of compact digital cameras by Nikon in many variations. This button can also be pressed to initiate picture transfer when the camera is connected to a computer that has the Nikon software loaded onto it.

Indoors, the camera required about average positive exposure compensation. This camera, however, doesn’t offer manual settings because its likely owners aren’t interested in fiddling with them. See how the photos turned out in our Coolpix 4600 and 5600 galleries. Ultimately, there’s no substitute for printing a lot of images and examining them closely. Mode Dial: Next to the optical viewfinder on the rear panel, this ribbed dial selects the camera’s main operating mode. The cameras move through photos at a decent clip, showing a low resolution image instantly, with the higher resolution image arriving about a second later.

There are also buttons for instant photo enhancement or redeye removal. E-mail your photos in PictureProject PictureProject can also be used to e-mail or print your photos, or share them online via NikonNet. A slideshow feature lets you put your photos to music. You can review color temperature now if you need to. There are exceptions, however, I have seen some good shots of schooling fish with filters that are shallow and well-lit from natural light. While both cameras have HOLES for the microphone, but only the 5600 actually has the electronics in there to record sound. On this side of the camera you’ll find the speaker and I/O ports.

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