Инструкция по установке к winch 6000

инструкция по установке к winch 6000
The Powerwinch RC30 is rated to move a boat of about five tons. Fulton re-engineered trailer winches with their unique and innovative F2 manual winch. Keep wiring harnesses away from exhaust systems or moving parts like the vehicle’s suspension that could damage the wiring. They also have a ratchet to hold the boat at any point on the trailer so it doesn’t slide back into the water, allowing a normal person to retrieve a boat weighing over a ton, using a crank about a foot long and simple gearing. For lighter boats like dinghies, inflatables and catamarans, a manual winch with a 3:1, 4:1 or 5:1 gear ratio may be all you need.

Click on the winch family to see all the manuals for each model of winch. In the USA and wish to order spare/repair parts? visit . Cable life can be extended by frequently lubricating it with wire rope lubricant so the strands of cable slide by each other with less friction. Better cable winches use a level-wind mechanism (similar to a fishing reel) to prevent cable snarls. The general rule is to select a winch with a capacity rating of at least 3/4th the combined weight of your boat, motor, fuel and gear. Please check to ensure you have the correctserial number and/or catalog number. If youhave any questions, please contact GreenleeCustomer Service at 1-800-435-0786.Search by Product Name or Catalog Number.Find an Instruction Manual:.

Powerwinch’s RC23 and RC30 are power in/free-spool out. What is your boat’s environment? Do you use your boat in a freshwater lake, wet environment, saltwater? Is the winch galvanized, zinc-plated, powder-coated or aluminum? Winches are mounted on a dedicated winch stand on the trailer tongue, on the support for the bow stop or on the trailer’s hitch ball using an adapter plate. A reel or spool holds 20-50 feet of cable, rope or webbing, and has a snap at the bitter end. Manual vs. electric winches Hand-cranked manual winches multiply your strength, allowing you to pull a relatively heavy boat against gravity and friction. Trailer winch safety tips Trailer winches are not tiedowns. To prevent mishaps, use dedicated bow, gunwale and stern tiedowns to secure your boat on the trailer. Winches with cables also allow you to add a pulley block that will nearly double the weight capacity, and cut the speed of the boat’s travel in half.

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