Инструкция к ленд крузер 200

инструкция к ленд крузер 200
Specs Specs Length: 184.0 in.Wheelbase: 107.5 in.Ground clearance: 8.1 in.Curb weight: 4246 lbs. The 100s, along with the current 200s, are still very expensive, and even though the IFS works very well they have not been met with the enthusiasm of the previous solid-axle Cruisers. The FJ45 is a pickup version of the FJ40. It was only imported in the mid ’60s and is rare, but as with the 40s of that era many parts are still available from overseas. Полноразмерное колесо находится под днищем, что экономит место в багажнике и делает замену быстрой и комфортной. Aqualu out of Canada also offers complete FJ45 bodies made of aluminum, and custom frames are available in case you want to build your own.

Like the FJ60, the FJ62 owners enjoyed plenty of interior space compared to previous Land Cruisers. Introduction This is the King of 4WD models and renowned all over the world for its durability and comfort in the toughest of conditions. Luxury and capability were integrated like never before.

But a subtle design trait on the dashboard foretold Land Cruiser’s future: the glove box and instrument panel were identically shaped and interchangeable, making manufacturing a left-hand- or right-hand-drive version equally easy. After just two years Toyota upgraded to the FZJ80, a truck nearly identical to the FJ80 but with a much better engine, the 1FZ 4.5L inline-six. Like the 60 and 62, all the 80-series Cruisers can be outfitted for off-road use with suspensions, recovery gear, bumpers, roof racks, snorkels, storage drawers, and engine upgrades for more power to make them excellent daily drivers or world-traveling exploration vehicles. Specs Specs Length: 188.2 in.Wheelbase: 122.2 in.Ground clearance: 8.1 in.Curb weight: 4760 lbs. Прибавьте к тому систему замков амортизаторов KDSS, функцию Crawl Control, понижающую передачу с демультипликатором и вы поймете: под стильным смокингом прячутся стальные мышцы!

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